Official OCLEES Tartan (registered)

- Primary Color is saffron representing traditional Irish kilts and the orange hue representing Orange County, California.

- The two thick black bars represent the men and women who lost their lives in the line of duty. They also represent the two buildings of the World Trade Center (each bar is a tower) and the officers who died there.  The two black bars contain 36 black threads each, for a total of seventy-two, the number of law enforcement officers who died on 9.11.2001.

- The dark blue line between the two black bars is there to represent the "thin blue line" which is a colloquial term for police officers.  It means that Law Enforcement officers are all that stand between citizens and criminals.

- The one gold and two silver stripes represent the badges that officers wear.

- The spot where the black stripes cross the gold and silver represents the mourning bands that officers wear over their badges when a brother/sister officer dies in the line of duty.

- The green stripe is to honor Emerald Societies and the Irish-Americans.